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a-z of tattoosSo the most clicked stuff on my blog and my website are the tattoo illustrations, particularly this one: First Tattoo Designs

I get heaps of emails asking can I do a letter ‘G’, or ‘S’ or whatever you initial is. So in January 2010 (only 3 months away) I will be launching

a complete A-Z of this custom tattoo script. You will be able to request the letter you want and pay a small price through Paypal.

Please drop a few comments if you think you would be interested and I’ll email you the details in due course.




This is Mikes tattoo… on paper. It is the first tattoo design and illustration I have done that has been used. Adam Glynn-Finnegan design.

++ 2009 UPDATE ++

Thanks for all the great comments on this tattoo design. I have had some great feedback and opportunities to design more tattoos for people through this post. Some more images will be uploaded soon! I will also be making some of my tattoo designs available in Hi Resolution for those interested. It will only cost £1 to download the large images. You are then free to use them as you wish!

What do the people want!? Leave comments of any designs you would like in my style and I can make them available.

On another note, my new website: will be online very shortly with some more beautiful illustrations and custom artwork!!

Tattoo design by adam glynn-finnegan

Tattoo design by adam glynn-finnegan