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Well I’ve definitely been out of the blogsphere recently. Out of pure guilt, I have added this post. (the last one was in October!!) As the legendary Dylan once said ‘The Times they are a-changing’. Yep in the past 4 months since my last post I have been to Romania, Australia, Dubai, London and home. Felt 40 degrees on my neck and -8 degrees in my bones (not at the same time, clearly).

I am now running a business, I have completed a music video, worked on some branding projects and produced some lovely motion graphics. So I’ve been busy… too busy to blog. To be honest, last years success story for me was Twitter. So any fun, exciting, amazing things I found or saw have been micro-blogged.

Why don’t you start following me and maybe soon I’ll come back to the blog? As always, stop by my site for more graphic design and illustration bits.




Just back from a few days in Siria, Arad and Timisoara in Romania, Eastern Europe. It was a brilliant time catching up with some friends and meeting some new people.

I have worked on a documentary about a charity working out there with street children and the poor. It will relesased in November and I will be posting more photos on the blog and Flickr account when I get some time.

Still going through photo collections and starting to get them onto Flickr again.
Really enjoying the process.

raindrops on a leaf, a symbol of new beginnings?

raindrops on a leaf, a symbol of new beginnings?

old man sitting on a bench contemplating life.

old man sitting on a bench contemplating life.

I have just started blogging on Provocation Films blog.

They are a small collective of filmakers/ designers/ musicians  who want to make a difference by

making films ‘with a soul purpose’. I love that. Anyway, more on that later.