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paddy app on iphone image

I have just finished my first ever iPhone application. I created the artwork and content for the brand new app, with development by Dan Woolley. It is simply called ‘Paddy’ – How Irish are you?

It’s a funny, quirky quiz app for St.Patrick’s Day which is tomorrow! (17th March). It is the best app for the day and helps you find out how Irish you are… providing you with interesting results with great graphics and illustrations. I hope you enjoy it.

Please download it from the Apple iTunes App Store here. It only costs 59p and we would love if you could leave feedback for us which will be so important for the next app we create!

It has been a great process learning all there is to know about apps. Thanks to Dan for his amazing hard work.

I’ll be releasing the sketches of the characters some time after Paddy’s Day.

Watch this space!

Here is the full blurb about the app:

Are you more PaddyPower than PlasticPaddy?

Find out…

We were bored of the tacky quizzes informing us of what latté or Simpsons character we were. I mean how will that get a laugh from our friends this St.Patricks Day?

So we created the Ultimate Irish Quiz. Paddy randomly selects questions to test your Irishness and gives you beautifully illustrated results.

Everyone has a bit o’ Irish blood in them but will you pass the Paddy test?

Available Now for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


ryanair plane in flight over clouds

Get it?

Yeah, so I was on a flight over to Dublin the other night. And there was a natural phenomenon!

It was pitch black outside (it was 11.45PM) and we were flying over the Irish Sea in a bandy, rattled old Ryanair plane (2p flights! Can’t go wrong!) and when we got up above the clouds, there was light! It was really really bright up there, but above the clouds… even though it was night time. I don’t know what it was because the sun has set, but the sky itself was lit up in some beautiful colours. I reached for my camera and this is all I got!! It was a pretty cool experience though. I will be posting some photos of my trip to my Flickr account soon.



Check out Adam Glynn-Finnegans new video. I don’t like YouTube at all so apologies I can’t embed the video in this blog. It’s really unfortunate that Vimeo can’t be embedded in sites… Then again I should really get around to upgrading to a site! Then you can do whatever the heck you like!

Adam Glynn-Finnegan, design and video.