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illustration and paint finish for custom Fender Stratocaster

illustration and paint finish for custom Fender Stratocaster

Also, while I am doing my posts…

A lot of people have been asking to see some photos of the Custom paint job done on the Fender Stratocaster. Well here are 2 photos! I carried out the work from concept to completion for Daniel James of the band ‘Starling’. With some help from Ben Stretch on the lacquer spray, I painted the plain white Strat myself using Autopaint, a lot of sandpaper, acryllic and NitroCellulose lacquers as well as the old trusty radiator enamel paint! It all shined up nicely and looks great on stage…

Any questions about how you can customise your own guitar, please drop me a line.


Poster Dezigner, Flickr

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while now. I was on Flickr recently and found this designer.

His work is really really good, I’ve been getting into my hand-rendered typography again recently for a couple of custom illustration projects I’ve been doing. I’m working on some illustrations for a musician friend of mine and these have inspired me, even though my work is not type, i love this stuff.

He has created some very stunning compositions and has a great grasp of type and layout. Nice Graphic Dezign!