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Doug Walker animation girlDoug Walker music video girl 2

Well I’ve been in hiding for the past 3 weeks or more…

I have been working really hard on my first full feature StopMotion animation. It is for a music video for Doug Walker.

The animation tells the timeless story of a girl and a boy in love. The song is brilliant, you’ll have to wait to hear it…

It has been amazing fun doing it and working with Doug. What a talented guy.

The animation was produced from hundreds of drawings, hundreds of shapes cut from paper and lots and lots of time. It was a great project to work on and the full video will be released in the near future. I’ll keep you informed.



I am a sucker for print. I think it is the tangibility that gets me with print. Seeing the world in pixels is just not the same as touching something real. I have posted a few examples of some great print design, a lot of them are done with Letterpress… I am looking for anyone out there who can recommend a printers that do letterpress in the UK. Let me know, in the meantime… enjoy.hammerpress letterpressLetterpressblack and grey printsblack on black business cardbusiness cards

all the little touches..

all the little touches..

its all about the paper stock!!

its all about the paper stock!!

letterpress design wedding invites

letterpress design wedding invites

screenshot of tattoo design in new site

screenshot of tattoo design in new site

So I’ve put my new portfolio website live now.

A complete overhaul of the site including all new content, a new side-scrolling layout and new adamgf branding. I will be blogging about the new logo separately including sketches of the creation for those interested. You can see all new illustration and graphic design work, as well as branding and identity projects and of course my motion design showreel. My tasty new site works best on a Hi-Gloss Apple screen!! For those of you who are among the 60,000 visitors this year to search for custom tattoo designs, you can see the tattoo design in my new website too! Enjoy!

Any comments about the new site are always welcome.

Adam Glynn-Finnegan.

ryanair plane in flight over clouds

Get it?

Yeah, so I was on a flight over to Dublin the other night. And there was a natural phenomenon!

It was pitch black outside (it was 11.45PM) and we were flying over the Irish Sea in a bandy, rattled old Ryanair plane (2p flights! Can’t go wrong!) and when we got up above the clouds, there was light! It was really really bright up there, but above the clouds… even though it was night time. I don’t know what it was because the sun has set, but the sky itself was lit up in some beautiful colours. I reached for my camera and this is all I got!! It was a pretty cool experience though. I will be posting some photos of my trip to my Flickr account soon.


Nando Costa Motion Still

I just had to blog this, Wicked video by Nando Costa, the brazillian artist. He has a phenomenal amount of classy work and I love it, Very inspiring and a real example of cultural awareness and culture affecting design. Brilliant at colour combinations and outstanding design. Did I mention I really like this guys work?

Hi I’m going to start a new feature, of Designer of the Week.

I want to boost the profile of this blog but also wanting to  boost profiles of up and coming artists, designers and motionographers. A couple of great sites that I love to look for new talent is Ffffound! and Mograph.

Marula motion Screenshot


This weeks motion designer is Marula, she is someone who saw my Me and My Bod video on Vimeo and liked it. You can check out her awesome Live Visual motion graphics on her Vimeo page.

Magnitude have been nominated for a Webby award (that’s like the Oscars for the web).

We have been nominated in the Restaurants category for the work we have done for the Wagamama brand site and Me and My Bod Innovative Campaign site.

Magnitude Nominated for Webby

I have been working hard on the Me+My Bod site recently and also have produced the New Wagamama Me and My Bod Viral Video which can be seen on VIMEO and YouTube.… Enjoy… and make comments etc too! Adam Glynn-Finnegan.


Check out Adam Glynn-Finnegans new video. I don’t like YouTube at all so apologies I can’t embed the video in this blog. It’s really unfortunate that Vimeo can’t be embedded in sites… Then again I should really get around to upgrading to a site! Then you can do whatever the heck you like!

Adam Glynn-Finnegan, design and video.

Just in from a weekend back home in Ireland. Stayed in Blackrock, by the sea.

Went to the National Concert Hall on Friday night. Awesome. National Symphony Orchestra and Tasmin Little performing Elgar, Mozart and Sebalius. Also dropped by Teddys IceCream in Dun Laoghaire, you have to taste it to believe it. How can ice cream be soooo creamy?

Also dropped by Dublin City Centre and had a lovely lunch in Avoca Handweavers. What a shop. Not just for girls!!! Mmmmm. Soup.