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So I have been posting photos I have taken as a feature on my homepage for a while now. I initially wanted to post one a month but you know how life gets in the way of grand ideas! Well I now have a new idea for this area of my website and will most likely be phasing out the photos in their current form. So here is a selection of some of the images that my homepage has been graced with.

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paddy app on iphone image

I have just finished my first ever iPhone application. I created the artwork and content for the brand new app, with development by Dan Woolley. It is simply called ‘Paddy’ – How Irish are you?

It’s a funny, quirky quiz app for St.Patrick’s Day which is tomorrow! (17th March). It is the best app for the day and helps you find out how Irish you are… providing you with interesting results with great graphics and illustrations. I hope you enjoy it.

Please download it from the Apple iTunes App Store here. It only costs 59p and we would love if you could leave feedback for us which will be so important for the next app we create!

It has been a great process learning all there is to know about apps. Thanks to Dan for his amazing hard work.

I’ll be releasing the sketches of the characters some time after Paddy’s Day.

Watch this space!

Here is the full blurb about the app:

Are you more PaddyPower than PlasticPaddy?

Find out…

We were bored of the tacky quizzes informing us of what latté or Simpsons character we were. I mean how will that get a laugh from our friends this St.Patricks Day?

So we created the Ultimate Irish Quiz. Paddy randomly selects questions to test your Irishness and gives you beautifully illustrated results.

Everyone has a bit o’ Irish blood in them but will you pass the Paddy test?

Available Now for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Doug Walker animation girlDoug Walker music video girl 2

Well I’ve been in hiding for the past 3 weeks or more…

I have been working really hard on my first full feature StopMotion animation. It is for a music video for Doug Walker.

The animation tells the timeless story of a girl and a boy in love. The song is brilliant, you’ll have to wait to hear it…

It has been amazing fun doing it and working with Doug. What a talented guy.

The animation was produced from hundreds of drawings, hundreds of shapes cut from paper and lots and lots of time. It was a great project to work on and the full video will be released in the near future. I’ll keep you informed.


a-z of tattoosSo the most clicked stuff on my blog and my website are the tattoo illustrations, particularly this one: First Tattoo Designs

I get heaps of emails asking can I do a letter ‘G’, or ‘S’ or whatever you initial is. So in January 2010 (only 3 months away) I will be launching

a complete A-Z of this custom tattoo script. You will be able to request the letter you want and pay a small price through Paypal.

Please drop a few comments if you think you would be interested and I’ll email you the details in due course.


too busy designing

Sigh of relief. I’m back to the blog! I’ve been away from the blog for a month to the day, so here’s my excuse. I have had the most crazy month of my working life! In between setting up a company, setting up a studio and tidying my new pencilcase… I have been busy designing- flat out.

In the past 3 weeks I have finished the full branding for frut smoothies, done the graphics for an awareness film for hope for justice, done some custom screenprints and album artwork for ‘Starling’ and am now working on a music video for Doug Walker.

So, all that to say… the blog is lacking a bit of attention. For a start, it all turned blue for a while! Not good! So I will be working to get the content and look spot on.

the adamgf brand colours

Stay tuned.. and to find out what I had for breakfast,  Follow me on Twitter too.

So today I thought I would reveal my favourite logo… for anyone who is interested in that kind of thing!

Here it is: The brand of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The brand is ‘recognised internationally as a world authority in art and design.’ It is also my favourite Museum in the world!! So far…


I have been doing a lot of branding work recently for clients. Today is my last day of the 9-5 workday… in my life, ever. I am moving on from my current role as a graphic designer/motion graphics designer

in a company to setting up my own! I will be setting up freelance for a while with a lot of different exciting projects on the line! Including setting up a design collective, working on some music videos,

motion graphics for a few events and having some of my logo designs featured in a book.

Good Times ahead.

Now then! I’ve been real busy recently, working on some branding projects for print as well as some digital stuff. Really getting kicks from design for print.  What a joy. I have been researching and gathering some great print examples for inspiration. So here are a few examples of some fantastic packaging solutions. If design is about solving problems and coming up with clever solutions… these are all over it- with some vibrant colours and classy typography thrown in! Packaging with a punch.

TCHO packaging coffee packagingSarah Walsh coffee cupsinside print boxesJaqk packagesmilk packagingcoffee shop take out packaging

New music video for Starling. I was involved in directing and producing Starlings first music video (Be Someone)… We shot it on a Sony Z1 over 2 nights in a forest in the pouring rain on dark, cold winter nights. What a great band though… Everyone chipped in and turned out nice. Starling will be one to watch in the near future for shiz.