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illustration and paint finish for custom Fender Stratocaster

illustration and paint finish for custom Fender Stratocaster

Also, while I am doing my posts…

A lot of people have been asking to see some photos of the Custom paint job done on the Fender Stratocaster. Well here are 2 photos! I carried out the work from concept to completion for Daniel James of the band ‘Starling’. With some help from Ben Stretch on the lacquer spray, I painted the plain white Strat myself using Autopaint, a lot of sandpaper, acryllic and NitroCellulose lacquers as well as the old trusty radiator enamel paint! It all shined up nicely and looks great on stage…

Any questions about how you can customise your own guitar, please drop me a line.



  1. First of all I want say that I am in love of that Strat .It has such a beautifull finish and a great color choise. the second I saw that guitar was the second I decided to have my own painted. I found several info on the net about how to do that but I cant find any related to the work on the pickguard,could you please give me some advice? thanks in advance! and again AWESOME WORK

    • Hi Fernando, For most of the guitars I have done, the best way is to lightly scratch the scratchplate using a wire wool to scour the paint.
      Then I painted onto the plate using plastic-based paint like enamel paint. Instead of lacquering the same as the guitar, I used a plastic lacquer (usually used for
      crafts etc I think) you can buy these in a Car shop for under £10. Hope that helps. Send me some pictures when it is done!… and tell your friends about my

  2. hey dude
    im not sure if i read the whole thing rite about the guitar cuz its late. Anyways i wanted to know if u painted this? and if by any chance u could give my strat a new paintjob similar to this? or something?. just asking

  3. i love this paint job! I have a question about my plans for mine. It’s silver, and i want to paint a cherry blossom design on it, keeping the silver background. How would i go about this? can i just sand off the clear, add the graphic and re-clear? anything i should keep in mind? any advice would be awesome, thanks

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